What is it?

Launchpad is a Sketch Plugin for creating and publishing websites.

Launchpad for Sketch enables designers to publish websites directly from Sketch, no coding needed.

It’s perfect for Landing Pages and Marketing Websites.

Main Features




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Launchpad is a web publishing tool for:

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Who is it for?

Launchpad is great for:

How does it work?

Designers can take their design to production in a matter of seconds.
Here are the steps for creating a website from a Sketch document:

  1. Design your website in Sketch where each Webpage is represented by an Artboard
  2. Apply Responsive Design by using the Auto-Layout plugin
  3. Optionally Add Links, Forms and Videos
  4. Create a Preview website to verify the website looks as desired
  5. Publish!

What does it look like?

The Launchpad panel